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A Proven Solution to Syria's Crisis

A Proven Solution to Syria's Crisis

A Proven Solution to Syria's Crisis The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military advocates a scientifically-validated approach to quickly and safely end the Middle East/Syrian crisis. Lasting peace can become reality if President Obama and his military deploy an unusual, but effective approach that peer-reviewed research shows has a statistical guarantee of success of the result. The Syrian conflict continues and tensions remain high there as well as throughout the Middle East. The political resolution for Syria to eliminate its chemical weapons may be a step in the right direction. However, history shows that political resolutions do not work. There is an approach that works and, as often in history, it comes from the least expected side. The solution comes from the field of social sciences and modern statistics -- not from the field of politics. We live in the modern scientific world. Statistical methods and approaches have been used broadly on a daily basis in many fields. If there is a statistically validated solution available for violence removal and prevention, such as this (please visit our website for references) -- it should be utilized. Especially, if previously used approaches have not been backed by rigorous research regarding their effectiveness to resolve conflict and bring peace. Therefore, they lack even a remote statistical guarantee of success. The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military (GAPWM) requests your assistance to strongly attract the attention of President Obama as well as other world leaders. We need to alert them to a scientifically-verified and field-tested approach which can quickly solve the Syrian crisis and create a lasting peace in the Middle East. Children do not have the right to grow up in refugee camps fed by NGOs. Humanitarian as it may seem, this is not right. Syrian children, and everyone by virtue of being born as a human being -- has the right to happy fulfilling life. There is a solution to the Middle East/Syrian crisis. Your publication can gain more prestige by getting involved and strongly helping to make world leaders aware of it. Your attention to this solution can make world leaders look at the statistical research data. The fact remains, due to the lack of proper information, world leaders are not aware of the solution. If a critical mass of editors worldwide make a one-time exception to editorial policies requiring exclusive articles, and immediately publish a GAPWM editorial titled "A Proven Solution to the Syrian Crisis" by Teresa Studzinski, President of GAPWM and Dr. David Leffler, Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS), such an overwhelming response could draw the attention of President Obama, as well that of other world leaders. Then, this statistically verified promising approach called Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) could be quickly adopted by all nations' militaries worldwide during this dangerous time. The global conflict era will be eliminated in a modern scientific way with the statistically guaranteed success of the result in a statistically predicted time (again refer to the research data available on the GAPWM website). To date, editors worldwide at: (Russia), China Daily, International News (Australia),, Lahore Times (Pakistan), Mangalorean (India), Codewit World News (Nigeria), Weekly Blitz (Bangladesh), PkArticlesHub (Pakistan), Geopolitics & Daily News (Greece), LiMiT (World Service), MEpeace (Middle East Peace), Nation of Change (USA), and South Asia Mail (North America), and other places have published the GAPWM editorial. The editorial and links to these publications are available by clicking here. The word count of our editorial is 836 words. As owners of copyright, we are granting one-time rights to anyone to reprint the editorial at no cost. If appropriate, you are welcome to give the article a different title. GAPWM would greatly appreciate receiving an email listing the name, date, page number, and (if applicable) the URL to any publication worldwide (including any translations of it into other languages) who publish this editorial. If your publication would prefer to write and publish your own exclusive article, GAPWM experts are available for interviews on this timely topic. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who is reading this message could promote the editorial in any publications which appear in social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. GAPWM salutes the publications which showed foresight and courage by publishing articles about the scientific approach to end war and terrorism. We hope your publication will decide to bring this solution to the attention of your readers as well. If all of us who desire peace work together and cooperate, President Obama and other world leaders will soon become aware of this novel approach, and we can collectively avoid another war. Sincerely, Teresa Studzinski Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military (GAPWM)



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