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The Government of the Ukraine shows a heart for dolphins

The Government of the Ukraine shows a heart for dolphins

Radolfzell/Kiev – 2/27/2012 After the East European country was
internationally criticized because of the dog killings in preparation
of the football European championship during the last months, however,
the Ukrainian government shows a heart for dolphins.

        ProWal, the German animal rights organization ascertained by several
research’s of dolphinariums in the Ukraine serious keeping
deficiencies and a scandalous use of captive marine mammals.

        Andreas Morlok, CEO of ProWal: “The dolphins which are wild
caughted from the Black Sea are pent-up in tiny tanks and have to show
stupid tricks which do not correspond to their natural behaviour in
this facilities which are straightened on pure commerce with
stentorian disco music. Seals are surfing also on dolphins as dolphin
trainers who show no respect for the animals. A dolphin trainer stood
while "surfing" even on the blowhole of a dolphin, which therefore
could not breathe. Loudly pyrotechnics slammed and a fire-eater
obscured the whole arrangement with stinking paraffin, according to
the audience which shouted "Bravo!" and applauded in the night show.
No one of the visitors knew that the four dolphins were caught in
cruel drive hunts in Japan and the members of this dolphin pot were
killed, together with their babies.“

        Representatives of an Ukrainian animal protection organization and
ProWal presented substantial documentation material to the vice
minister of the environment, Igor Vildman, in Kiev and told him, that
the government should decide an import ban without any exception on
wild-caughted dolphins.

        Andreas Morlok: „In the Ukrainian dolphinariums there were only ten
dolphin births during the last 15 years and therefore the breeding is
not sustainable. The Ukraine imports and exports also wild-caughted
dolphins from Japan to Turkey, Egypt and Armenia etc. A ban on imports
into Ukraine would cause a heavy blow to the international dolphin
industry and this would be the end of all the 15 dolphinariums in this
country. We told to the vizeminister of the environment that the
common practice of Ukrainian dolphinariums to import wild-caughted
dolphins is strictly forbidden in all EU countries. Because the
Ukraine want to be a full membership in the community, the government
could implement the EU requirements also now.”

        Vice minister of the environment Igor Vildman: „I am the friend No.
1 for the dolphins in the Ukraine!“

        The reaction of the vice minister of the environment who appeared
very dolphin friendly surprised the animal welfarists, according to
the CEO of ProWal: „The vice minister of the environment who was
discussed during our meeting by several dolphin specialists promised
us spontaneously that the Ukraine will copy 1 to 1the requirements of
the EU for import bans on wild-caughted dolphins! Moreover, even the
catch ban on dolphins in the Black Sea will still be extended
indefinitely for another three years. With it the Ukraine also follows
to the objectives of the ACCOBAMS agreement for the protection of the

        According to data from ProWal, all together there are in 15 Ukrainian
dolphinariums 74 dolphins, 35 seals, 4 sea lions, 1 walrus and 3
Beluga whales who are all used for purely commercial purposes, like
dolphin shows, swimming and diving with dolphins and the controversial
Dolphin Assistant Therapy for people with disabilities.

        Anreas Morlok: “Some dolphinariums do not properly licensed to
operate a dolphinarium and can only work because they have good
contacts to authorities. The owner of the dolphinarium in Kiew does
concern with protesters not squeamish. He kicked during a
demonstration several animal welfarists last year. The Security staff
of the arrangement is armed even with truncheons and guns.“

        Dolphins are still eaten in the Ukraine!

        ProWal, which is campaigned as the first international animal
protection organization for the closure of dolphinariums in the
Ukraine reports about a meeting with an informant on the peninsula
Crimea: “As Ukrainian biologists confirmed, there is also even today
the continuation of an old tradition at the Black Sea. Dolphins are
caught by fishermen in their nets, as a bycatch on purpose and the
meat is still used as food. It is eaten by the fishermen and is sold
even also illegally. At the market in Simferopol and in restaurants of
smaller villages on the Crimea shish kebab spits with dolphin meat are

        ProWal closes a dolphinarium!

        Monika Laubach, a German animal rights activist who was with ProWal
in the Ukraine: „Dolphins and a beluga-whale were kept for
commercial purposes in a tiny tank of the Hotel Yalta in the city of
Yalta on the Crimea up to now every summer. The hotel management
leased the pool to a dolphin owner, who had been also offered the
dubious dolphin therapy. We were able to argue the management of the
hotel during a personal visit into not keeping marine mammals this
year and to close the dolphinarium finally. No more marine mammals
will exploid there for commercial interests. That makes us very

        Dominik Haldi from Switzerland, who accompanied ProWal trough the
Ukraine reports: I am very glad about the fact that we have received
not only obliging assents from the Ukrainian government for the
protection of the dolphins, but also about the successful closing of
the dolphinariums at this hotel. If you can see for yourself how the
dolphins are kept in captivity only because of money interests, then
that's more than embarrassing. In a dolphin show in Donezk I observe
how dolphins are forced to learn unknown show elements. Because a
dolphin did not explain an order of a dolphin trainer, this was not
fed, while the other animals got something to eat. A dolphin had to
turn even several penal rounds and balance a ball on the snout, while
the dolphin trainer fed the other dolphins with fish. I was horrified
when I saw, that the trainer turned directly on the blow whole of the
animal, so that this could not breathe during another penal round. If
my compatriots in Switzerland all the friends No.1 for the Dolphins,
it would be here since a long time ago also no dolphinarium. I hope
very much that also the Swiss government decrees, finally, an import
ban on dolphins, so that the last Swiss dolphinarium "ConnyLand" also
have to close.“

        ProWal will travel to Ukraine again in late March to campaign for the
closure of other dolphinariums. Besides the animal protection
organization, supports a private animal shelter in Kiev, which take up
dogs and cats from the street. ProWal has already announced a report
about the situation of the strays in Ukraine. ----

        Attachment ProWal-photo:

        Vice minister of the environment Igor Vildman (2nd from left to
right.) – CEO of ProWal Andreas Morlok (3rd from left.)

        Vice minister of the environment Igor Vildman (2nd from left to
right.), Dr. Volodymyr Domashlinets, Andreas Morlok (3rd from left.),
Dominic Haldi, Monika Laubach, Kate Polianskaya, Vika Ivanets, members
of the “Campaign to save the dolphins and against the commercial
exploitation of dolphins” who got involved with the closings of the
dolphinariums since three years, and Andrew Randrianasulu, who extra
travelled from St. Petersburg/Russia.



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