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Somalia: The mother of a pirate asks US president to release her son

Somalia: The mother of a pirate asks US president to release her son

MOGADISHU (Mareeg)--Adar Abdirahman Hassan, the mother of a young Somali pirate has requested Monday from the American president Barack Obama, to release her son.


Abdiwali Abdulkadir Muse remained in the hands of the American Navy after three of his comrades were killed by American snipers to rescue the life of an American captain Richard Philips who four Somali pirates held captive for five days.


Abdiwali has reportedly surrendered to the Americans to look for medical help in an injury on his hand. Some other reports also suggest that he was negotiating with the US Navy when they killed his comrades and took him in USS Bainbridge war ship.


The American government said it would trail Abdiwali Muse in New York. Adar Hassan said her son was 16 year old and pirates influenced him.


“I have been looking for him for 15 days and I have traveled to many towns in northern Somalia to look for him, but I heard his news from the media,” Adar said.


“My son was not a pirate I sent him to school in Galk’ayo in central Somalia when I last heard from him,” she added.


“I request the American president Obama to free my son or to be flown me to New York to hear his case,” Adar pleaded.


Adar lives in Galk’ayo, the regional capital of Mudug region in central Somalia.




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