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Somalia: Al Shabaab orders men to grow beard

Somalia: Al Shabaab orders men to grow beard

MERCA (Mareeg)—Al Shabaab administrators in Merca town about 90 kilometers south Mogadishu have ordered men in the town to grow beard, witnesses said on Saturday.


Witnesses say the militants called for the men in the town in a meeting on Friday afternoon and told the hairdressers not cut a beard from men in Merca.


The move comes as the militants banned the Somali women to wear bra and they flogged some women in north accused of disobeying their orders.


They had also pulled silver teeth from men in Merca two months ago saying it was Un-Islamic for a man to have a silver tooth.


The orders by the Shabaab astonished the people who have been practicing traditionally moderate Islamic principals for centuries.


Most Muslim clerics in Somalia and in the Muslim world rejected the interpretation of Islam by al Shabaab who practices their harsh interpretation of Islam.

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