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Somalia: Refugees live difficult life in Dadab refugee camps

Somalia: Refugees live difficult life in Dadab refugee camps


NAIROBI (Mareeg)—Somali refugees in Dadab refugee camps in Kenya live in difficult life in Dadab refugee camps and there is also food shortage and water scarcity in the refugee camps.

Our reporter who visited in the refugee camps says, people have to queue long hours to get water and they get food from World Food Programme (WFP) but he adds that the food is not enough.

“We queue for water to get the water but the water ends while we still in queue,” said Sahro Hassan one of the Somali refugees in Ifo refugee camp.

The camps are overcrowded and the refugees who have recently fled to the camps rent makeshift houses from other refugees.

It is very difficult for the refugees to get enough medical assistants from the hospitals in the refugee camps. More Somali refugees come to Dadab refugee camps every week.

These refugees fled from the endless fighting that is going on in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The weather in the refugee camps is very hot and they tell you that this season is the best time according to the climate in the refugee camps.

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