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somalia: Galkayo airfield under mortar attacks

somalia: Galkayo airfield under mortar attacks

GALKA’YO ( An airport in Somalia’s central town of Galka’yo has come under heavy mortar shelling today. Some of the shelling landed inside the airport while several others landed nearby areas, witnesses and officials said.

Unknown assailants have shelled down the airport from different directions, which serves as a local landing field, especially for Galmudug and Puntland states of Somalia.

“Mortar rounds rained down inside the airport on Sunday morning as a local passenger plane was due to take off from the airport while others where boarding passengers and there are no reported damages to the airplanes and the passengers,” said a witness who asked not to be named.

The attack is said to be behind a dispute between the local demonstrators of the airport over a land near the airfield of Galka’yo town. The executive manager of the airport Sa’eed Dhego-weyn from Puntland has accused the assault a local armed militia from Galmudug state.



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