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Somalia: Police Attack Female Reporter in Somaliland

Somalia: Police Attack Female Reporter in Somaliland National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) protests against the police attack of a female television journalist in Somaliland while the she was carrying out her professional work.

On Saturday 4 August 2012, Somaliland police in Borame, a town in Awdal region, attacked Hodan Abokor Afi, a female reporter for Somaliland Television (SLNTV), insulting, slapping and beating her with plastic tubing, damaging her face. The suspected instigator of the attack is the deputy commander of Borame central police station.

Hodan Abokor Afi was investigating a case of disputed guardianship involving a 12 year-old child. The disputing "parents", both of whom claimed the child was theirs, were being interviewed at the Borame central police station when the journalist was attacked.

NUSOJ condemns the attack on Hodan Abokor Afi and demands that the Somaliland Ministry of the Interior and the police chief take immediate action against the responsible police officer.

Hodan Abokor Afi filed a complaint at the central police station regarding the attack but it is understood that the case was not transferred to the Ministry of Interior as requested by the journalist since the alleged perpetrator is a public servant in the ministry and has used force against the journalist.


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