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Salmonella poisoning kills two in Netherlands

Salmonella poisoning kills two in Netherlands which was contaminated with salmonella has cost two lives in the Netherlands. Press agency IEDE reports that two elderly people have died after eating the poisoned fish.

Both victims were above 80 years of age. The director of the Dutch government's Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM), Roel Coutinho, has said that there is a 100 percent certainty in one of the cases that salmonella was the cause of death; the second case is being investigated.

A rare variant of the bacteria, calld Salmonella Thompson, was found in smoked salmon distributed by the Foppen company of Harderwijk. The salmon was also marketed as an ingredient in salads. Supermarkets have removed the products from their shelves, and consumers were advised to check their fridges for salmon products.

So far, 200 Dutch people have been hospitalised; a majority of them are women. - (IEDE)



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