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Should Somali welcome the visit of Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova

Should Somali welcome the visit of Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova Bokovo is very hard to believe that the announcement of the Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO to visit Somali this time is a right occasion, while anecdotal evidence showing that UNESCO presence on the ground were almost very inadequate, since the beginning of Somali civil war in 1991 completed the breakdown of the education system, most school buildings were either completely or partially destroyed and all educational materials and equipment were looted. Many teachers and students were displaced, in early 1993 when Somali academicians and intellectuals commenced to re-launch Somali schools, the donor organizations and international NGOs all took initiatives, including UN agencies UNHCR, UNOPS and UNICEF but the UNESCO role were not very active, that is one of the causes of Somali professionals and community leaders believes that UNESCO could do much better about education innovation and reform during and after Somalia conflict in last two decades, the government itself and education administration in Somalia believe the same, Today, the entire African leaders has threw their weight behind the candidature of Djiboutian Rachad Farah for the position of Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) which would decided on in October this year, the 20th AU summit urged African countries to ensure that Mr Farah succeeds in his bid to replace the incumbent, Irina Bokova, This summit called for "a mobilization of all countries on the continent to support and strengthen Rachad Farah's campaign, additionally, Last year Farah was also endorsed by the 56-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), moreover, The 3rd Africa-South America Summit held on 22 February 2013 in Malabo in Equatorial Guinea supported the candidature of Rachad Farah, and Only last week, the Community of Sahel States (CEN-SAD) endorsed Farah's candidature, Somalia is one of the African countries who committed to providing this historical support of the candidature of Djiboutian Rachad Farah, and very keen to maintain their special relationship country of Djibouti which have partnership of the heart, all these indicates that Somalia may not welcome Irina Bokova who appears to be panicking before the selection day in October this year,




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