somalia:US supports the new Somali president

Addressing the swearing in ceremony of the new Somali president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad, which took place in Djibouti the US special envoy to Somalia, John Yates, said he welcomed the outcome of the Djibouti election.

He added that his country supported the outcome of the Djibouti talks and was pleased with the election results, especially the victory of Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad.

"My country is ready to support the new administration, which was formed in Djibouti and we are ready to provide political and financial assistance", said Yates.

Yates was among officials who attended the presidential election which was held last night in Djibouti and he was the first official to congratulate the new president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad.

"Our previous assistance to Somalia, which was mainly humanitarian, will now be replaced by other kinds of support in which we will stand next to the Somali government", said John Yates, adding that the new government will bring a lot of changes to the current political situation in Somalia.

It is believed that the US government is meddling has been the internal affairs of Somalia ever since the collapse of the military government [in 1991].

There are groups that are opposed to the federal Somali parliament such as Al-Shabaab which the US government has added to its list of international terrorist groups.

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