Somalia: Parliament will endorse introduction of Sharia, speaker

MOGADIHSU (Mareeg)-Somalia’s deputy parliament speaker Osman Elmi Boqorre said Sunday that the parliament will endorse the implementation of Islamic Sharia.


“Somali people are hundred percent Muslims so there is no reason that the parliament can reject to endorse the Sharia,” said Osman Elmi Boqorre.


Somalia's President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said Saturday he accepted a proposal by local and foreign religious leaders for a truce with hardline Islamists and the implementation of sharia, or Islamic law.


"I met with religious leaders and elders and accepted their demand for ceasefire and reconciliation with the opposition members and I call on all opposition parties to halt the unnecessary violence," Ahmed told reporters.


"The mediators asked me to introduce Islamic sharia in the country and I agreed," he added.


Islamic clerics demanded from the government to practice sharia and called for the government to order the AU troops to leave the country with in 120 days.


Mr. Boqorre welcomed the demands of the clerics and said he always wanted the sharia to be implemented which he described the only solution of the Somali problems.

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