Somalia:Gunmen kill Insurgent commander in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU(Mareeg)--an Insurgent commander who was well-known in Mogadishu has been killed in Bakaro market in Mogadishu on friday evening, witnesses said on Friday.

Abdulkadir Hamsa Qatatow, was leading some pro government soldiers who launched heavy attack on rebel bases in Mogadishu last Friday, but he defected from the government on Sunday and joined Hizbul Islam Insurgent group.

The spokesman of Hisbul Islam, Sheik Hassan Mahdi, confirmed that gunmen shot him in the market but could not give further details about his killing.

Witnesses also said he has been killed in Bakaro market on Friday evening and it is not known why he was killed.

He was famous for the fighting against the Ethiopian troops and the former transitional government led by president Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed.

Bakaro is under the control of al Shabaab and Hisbul Islam rebels who are fighting against the fragile government to topple it.

Farah, Ahmed Mohamed

[email protected]

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