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Somali MP accuses Spain and South Korea of leading the illegal fishing in Somali w

Somali MP accuses Spain and South Korea of leading the illegal fishing in Somali w A member of the transitional parliament of Somalia has accused the foreign vessels in the Somali of engulfing the Somali coast and he particularly singled out large fishing vessels from Spain and South Korea as the main and leading ones. The Somali MP, Ahmed Awad Ashara who spoke to the media in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, said that companies from Spain and South Korea, which obtained illegal and fake permit papers from irrelevant Somali persons, are largely overfishing in the Somali waters. 
Mr. Awad told the journalists erosion of Somali marine resources by foreign nations is now underway in the Somali water.  “Big nations like Spain and South Korea ,which have no legality, are fishing in our sea they excuse that they have permit papers to do so but those fake permits are illegally obtained from irrelevant Somali persons living in London or inside Somalia” said the MP. The MP has accused these foreign fishing vessels of destroying Somalia’s marine natural resources.  Mr. Ashara has also criticized the international navies patrolling the Somali Sea. These foreign navies rushed to Somalia when the merchant ships came under attacks from the marauding pirates so they are protecting their own interests not to the rscue of the Somali people who have suffering fro along time, said MP Ashara.  Meanwhile, Mr. Ashara told that members of the parliament deplore abuses and killings inflicted on the Somali journalists and he called the parliament to launch investigations into the coordinated attacks against the journalists inside Somalia. He also called on neighboring countries to give asylum to the journalists fleeing from the violence in Somalia. Abdikariin Mohamed Jim’ale (Muhsin)

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