Somalia: Journalist Amanda Lindhout gives birth to a baby son in Mogadishu -source

2009-08-03 Lindhout a journalist with Canadian nationality who was kidnapped in the
Somali capital Mogadishu a long with her Australian freelance journalist Nigel in
the mid of last year has begotten a Somali baby boy with one of her Al-Shabab
captors in the Somali capital Mogadishu sometimes last week.

“The journalist Amanda Lindhout is no longer a Christian she has avert her believe
of trinity to the worshiping of one God and that is Allah the most high she is now
performing her 5 times of prayers and she is very contented with her marriage
relationship with one of her captors you can’t imagine how they exchange laughter
and smiles through gesture since the couples don’t understand each other in terms of
languages” said Hashi one of the captors of Amanda Lindhout speaking to Waagacusub
Website on Friday.

A reporter for Waagacusub Website who lives in a house which is some few meters away
from the house where Amanda lives has been closing following the situation of the
two journalists has confirmed that Amanda is gleefully at a certain house at Suuqa
Holaha in the north of Mogadishu and is regularly performing her feminine work such
as washing, cooking and cleaning the house at which she is residing.

The reporter also added that he has no enough report about the Australian Freelance
journalists but is sure that he is also living in the same vicinity with Amanda,
Amanda wears a big black veil, and it is hardly to see part of her body and is now
learning the Holy Quran.     
The Association of Somali Journalist (ASOJ) has condemned this historical act and
calls it an awful episode.

“I am hereby confessing that the intellectuals, the clerics and the civil society in
Mogadishu have shown less responsibility in rescuing the two journalists likewise it
is worthy to mention that the governments of Canada and Australia were not fully
engaged themselves in the emancipation of the two journalists” said honorable Dahir
Abdulle Alasow the chairman of the Association of Somali Journalists.

The Chairman Mr. Alasow also added that he has enough information about the
individuals who were behind the kidnapping of the two journalists and said that one
day on time they will be brought before the verdict, and it is very unfortunate that
the people who were assigned for the rescuing of the two journalists have shown less
concern in the matter.

Thus this act of rape is very dishonorable to the entire Somali people, and it is
upon every Somali person to protest against this callous act. 

Omar Hussein

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