Somalia: Al Shabaab says they will send fighters to Yemen

MOGADISHU (Mareeg) – Al Shabaab militants say they will send fighters to fight along side the Al Qaeda insurgent group fighting against Yemeni government, an official said on Friday. 

“We will cross the water between us and fight along side with you against the enemy of Allah, be patient until we reach you brothers,” said Sheikh Muktar Robow Ali Abu Mansuur, a former spokesman of the group and a prominent official.


Sheikh Robow was addressing to hundreds of newly trained al Shabaab fighters in the capital Mogadishu when he declared they will send the fighters to Yemen.

“These young fighters successfully completed several months of tough training and they are now ready to join their brothers in the holy war against the enemy of Allah worldwide," Robow added.

Yemeni forces have been battling Al-Qaeda militants in the country and last month launched raids on suspected targets in the central and the Sanaa regions, killing more than 60 Islamist militants.

Several others were also wounded in clashes this week in a western province of the impoverished Arabian Peninsula state which lies north of Somalia across the Gulf of Aden.

Mareeg Online

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