Somalia: Islamists sign agreement with government

ADDIS ABABA (Mareeg)—Ahlu Sunna Walajama’a moderate Islamists and the transitional federal government of Somalia have signed an agreement inAddis Abba on Monday. 

’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Said Yusuf Nur said a ceremony attended by representatives from AU, UN and the International community was held in the Addis Ababa, where the officials from the government and ASWJ signed the agreement.

The two sides have agreed to unite their policy and military to fight against the rebels.

Mr. Nur added that the two sides formed a committee which will work the enforcement of the agreement with in 30 days.

The government will be included ministers from Ahlu Sunna Walajama’a. The deputy prime minister and finance minister of Somali government, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden and the chairman of ASWJ Mohamed Dahir Hefow signed the agreement.

Mareeg Online

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