Somali president appoints Al-Shabab sympathizer as envoy to US

MOGADISHU (, Sheikh Sharif appointed Somali
activist Abukar Arman, a man with a long record as a sympathizer of
HAMAS and the Union of Islamic Courts.

The US considers Palestinian Hamas and the Somali Union of Islamic
Courts (or at least its armed wing al-Shabaab) as terrorist
organizations. Abukar Arman praised Hamas's win in the election as "a
Victory for Democracy and Peace". He also called the Union of Islamic
Courts "the best thing that happened to Somalia in the past 16 years."

Abukar Arman did not only support these organizations but even called
for the removal of Somali terrorist leaders from the US wanted list.

In his zeal of advocating the cause of terrorist organizations and
individuals and misleading the American public, Abukar Arman was
saying as recently as Dec 2009 that there are no terrorists in
Somalia. This is how he put it: "As was learned from the Iraq war, if
you draw the devil on the walls long enough, the devil will eventually
appear in person. Claim that Al-Qaida has found a base in   Somalia long
enough and that will surely become the case in due course."

Abukar Arman's extremist views and his campaign of promoting terrorist
organizations and individuals finally caught the attention of American
journalists and officials in Ohio. The resulting scrutiny had serious
consequences for him. One, he was kicked out of the Ohio's Planning
Board which oversees Homeland Security Programmes. Two, he lost his
job with the Public Schools of Columbus, Ohio, because it was found
out he did not have the required teaching credentials.

Since Sheikh Sharif was the head of the terrorist Union of Islamic
Courts, it should come as no surprise that out of the thousands of
Somalis in the United States, he picked Abukar Arman to be his envoy
in that country. But given the fact that Abukar Arman's extremist and
misleading views have now been exposed among a substantial and
influential number of American journalists and officials, bestowing on
him the title of "envoy" or any other title will not change the
negative way in which he is perceived among important American

Source: Mareeg media

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