Somalia: Three civilians killed in mortar shelling

MOGADISHU (Mareeg)—At least three civilians have been killed and ten others have been injured in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Thursday after mortars hit in their homes, witnesses say.

The mortars hit in parts in Bakaro market in Mogadishu where the civilians were killed and the others were wounded.

The wounded civilians have been rushed to Medina hospital in Mogadishu and some of the wounded civilians died for injury in the hospital.

The business people in the market have expressed shock and fear of the mortars which are often thrown to the market.

It is not known the reason behind the mortars, but reports say insurgents fired mortars to bases of government soldiers and African Union troops in Mogadishu.

The government soldiers responded heavier shelling which caused the death of the civilians.

Mareeg Online

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