Clashes kill 20, injuire 30 others in Somali capital for the 6th day

Most of the clashes continued between Dabka and Bakara intersections in Hodan district where both Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a clerics and the transitional government forces with AMISOM and Al-shabab forces that exchanged heavy gunfire which had affected parts of Bakara market in the capital, killing 20, wounding 30 others.


Most of the people died and wounded in parts of Hodan and Hawl-wadag districts in the capital according to the emergency traffic officials adding that there were more mortars using both sides.


There had been more civilians displacing from their house in several districts as Bondere, Shibis and Abdal Aziz for fears of the clashes between Al-shabab and government soldiers.


More displacing women with their children could be seen fleeing from clashes and mortars at the bus stations of Hamarweyne district in Mogadishu.


There were many more other areas affecting the shelling as Heliwa, Towfiq and Bakara and the heavy weapons of both sides according to the emergency traffic officials and witnesses.

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