Somali president: Mogadishu rallies funded by some politicians

MOGADISHU ( – The president of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Sunday said that some of government officials are funding Mogadishu rallies and demonstrations against the resignation of the country’s popular prime minister and Kampala accord extending government’s mandate for year.


Ahmed made the statement in a news conference held in Mogadishu’s Villa Somalia.


He warned that Al shabaab fighters can take advantage of the rallies and commit explosions, citing the attacks that killed Somalia’s minister of interior and as well as on Mogadishu’s international harbor.


The president also talked about the proposed resignation of Somali premier, saying that the deal was signed because the parliament said they had some difficult condition in working the prime minister.


Talking about the death of al Qaeda leader in East Africa, Ahmed spelled out that Somali security forces have managed to kill Fazul Abdullah Mohammed. The president has cordially welcomed his killing saying is setback to al Qaeda and Al shabaab.


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