Somali government: nightfall missiles kill Shabab leaders in Afgoye

Mogadishu(Mareeg)-officials of Somali transitional federal government has on Monday told that nightfall missiles by western warships killed Shabab leader, Ahmed Godane and Hasan Dahir Aweys, senior official, reports said.


Chairman of lower Shabelle province south Mogadishu, A/kadir Nur Sidi told reporters that Ahmed Godane know as Abu Zubeyr, leader of Shabab and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys were killed in a airstrike from warships in the sea, reports said.


Mr. A/kadir Nor Sidi said that the attack killed number of the rebel groups into two area as Afgoye district and Lanta-bura, lower Shabelle region.


District commissioner of Afgoye for Shabab movement told Shabab run media disproved any air strike which fell over there.


There  is no independent sources indicating the air strike killed these leaders or not as thought people who hate Hassan Dahir and Ahmed say it is true that these were dead.


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