Why French commando botched raid on Al Shabab failed

BuloMarer (Mareeg) — Reliable sources in and around BuloMarer town in South Somalia where French commandos raided late last night, say that the French commandos first landed at a village called Daaydoog which is located at the seas side and three kilo meters away from BulMarur where the French intelligence officer held by Al Shabab militants.

According to the reliable sources, whom we spoke, say that the French commandos killed some villagers and tied others when they landed at Daaydoog before they headed to BulMarer but some villagers who survived the French killings at the sea side cantacted  other villager about the french treatment as wel as  alerting  Al Shabab fighters in BuloMarer telling them that there were at least fifty heavily armed foreign soldiers on their way to BuloMarer.

The reliable sources, indicate that  that the survived villagers called particularly the commander of Al Shabab in Bulo Shiekh Ahmed who was among those the French killed in the fire fight.

But before he and his men moved to ambush the coming French commandos, Ahmed is reported to have moved the French captive fromk the house they were holding into another house.

The sources say that the killing of the villagers was a mistake which led Al Shabab to be alerted and prepare for the French commandos.

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