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India supports the presence of the Ethiopian troops in Somalia

India supports the presence of the Ethiopian troops in Somalia

Ethiopia’s contribution toward ensuring peace in the Horn of Africa and the continent as a whole is commendable, the Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia said.

Ambassador Gurjit Singh told the reporters that the country’s contribution to the stability of the continent is huge and deserves encouragement

The ambassador, who indicated that India supports the policy of Ethiopia toward securing durable peace in the continent, added that the policy is highly useful as it is action oriented.

He also noted that Ethiopia is a country where different nations and nationalities as well as religions co-exist pecefully and harmoniously. These are important indicators for other countries to follow, the ambassador added.

Ambassador Singh further stated that Ethiopia’s contribution in restoring peace and stability in Somalia is a courageous move that everyone recognizes.

According to him, the opportunity created for the current political engagement in Somalia is among the contributions of Ethiopia.


By: Abdi Guled


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