Israil-“If we fight like Somalis we will be successful” Hamas leader

Prominent Hamas leader and deputy at the Palestinian Legislative Council Dr Mahmud al-Zahhar has reiterated the continuous call and desire by Hamas for dialogue. He, however, asserted that the dialogue does not mean the reinstatement of the corrupt ones to office or allowing security coordination (presumably with the Israelis).

“We will fight like Somali Mujahidiin if Israel continues its deadly attacks against us” Zahar said.


Addressing a collective wedding party organized by the Union of Islamic Societies for 200 bridegrooms in Khan Yunis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening, 31 July 2008, Al-Zahhar said: "Yes to the dialogue. Let all the citizens of Palestine take part in the dialogue. Let us uproot corruption, grow trees and rebuild what the occupation has demolished."

He added: "They say they want a dialogue. We say 'yes' to the dialogue. But dialogue does not mean the reinstatement of corruption. Corruption will never return to Palestine. 'Yes' to the dialogue, provided that there are no immune security entities conspiring with the enemy against us. The various government departments will serve as the servant of the people."

He asserted that those who believe that the dialogue will return the dark circle and undermine the freedom under which we have been living for the last one and a half years of our lives are entertaining illusions.

The sun of freedom will shine in Ramallah

“ please see the Somalis they are bombing, firing, shelling their accupation troops, its not proper for us to be unspoken regarding what Israel is doing” Al-Zahar said.

In a sign of reassurance to the residents of the West Bank who are facing a joint campaign by the occupation forces and the Palestinian [National] Authority of Mahmud Abbas. Al-Zahhar said: "We tell our oppressed people in Ramallah that the sun of freedom has shone in the Gaza Strip and will shine on them in Ramallah, God willing."

Addressing the senior officials of the PNA in Ramallah, Al-Zahhar said: "Those who think that by oppression and imprisonment they can put off the candle of freedom which has been lit in Gaza are entertaining illusions. Those who did not read the Gaza history, let them read it."

Warning to the perpetrators of the explosions

Al-Zahhar made a strongly-worded warning to the perpetrators of the explosions which targeted the resistance men. He said: "We tell those who are targeting the fighters of Izz-al-Din al-Qassam Brigades or the resistance men or the innocent people that they should pause and think a lot, because we are about to catch them from their necks."

He added: "Truth will prevail despite all the difficulties. We tell those who want to implant despair and frustration in our hearts and kill our certainty that we are persisting on continuing on the way that leads to the liberation of Palestine. We will continue to build what the occupation has demolished and repair what the corruptors have corrupted."

Al-Zahhar pointed out that a "significant number of people are now trying to implant despair in our hearts as we are confronted with great powers like the United States, Europe, and the Zionist entity in addition to the traitors, spies and those who have refrained from resisting the occupation and want to undermine our victory."

Al-zahhar warned those who are trying to "create anarchy and to detonate explosions in the ranks of the Palestinians that they should either return to the people or face punishment." He addressed them as follows: "You should return to your senses. Take advantage of this offer. If you return to your senses, we will welcome you warmly, but if you refuse, we will act like the sword that is brandished at your necks."

The calm

Al-Zahhar said that calm is a "weapon in the hands of the resistance." He ridiculed the Oslo team "which is blaming Hamas for reaching calm when in fact, it was this team which threw itself into the lap of the Zionists, is coordinating with it and is enjoying its protection."

He added: "Those who have sought negotiations and peace with the Zionist occupation are accusing us of resorting to the calm. Calm is a weapon in our hands, not a sword brandished on our necks." He said that the Al-Qassam Brigades continue to arm themselves, to manufacture arms, to train and to prepare themselves to be ready for self-defence."

A message to the occupation

Al-Zahhar demanded the enforcement of the dues of the calm without any delay. He said: "If the Zionist occupation authorities believe that it is calm in return for calm, they are entertaining illusions. They should open all the crossings for all the goods to pass."

He said that "we will not raise other issues unless this issue is fully resolved," a reference to the Hamas attitude which is rejecting the resumption of indirect negotiations due to be begun by Egypt to work out the deal of Israeli war prisoner Shalit before the occupation authorities make a commitment to enforce the dues of the calm.

Addressing another message to the prisoners held in the prisons of the occupation authorities, he said he could see positive developments coming. He explained that "the prisons will be opened and we will receive you in our homes to hold a wedding for you which is much larger than this wedding. It will be the wedding of the liberation of our prisoners."

Request for the opening of the Rafah crossing

Al-Zahhar said that Egypt is a cherished country for the Palestinians, particularly the people of Gaza. He requested Egypt to open the Rafah crossing, asserting that the voices of Ramallah, Abu-Mazin, the EU and the Israeli occupation should not be heard in this regard."

He added: The Rafah crossing is the "lung from which the Palestinian people breathe. You in Egypt can never act in a way to choke the Palestinian people, who are standing as a strong barrier against occupation in order to protect Egypt." He asserted that a suitable mechanism should be worked out for opening the crossing.

The end of the era of the weaklings

He said: "a decisive phase will soon come, and all the weaklings will go." He added: "The criminal [meaning US President Bush] who is waging a war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Lebanon and is threatening Korea will disappear in six months' time. Moreover, the head of the Zionist government Ehud Olmert will disappear within two months and Abu-Mazin, who appeased these corruptors and criminals, will become illegitimate when his term of office is over."

Al-Zahhar explained: "Those who want to survive in the Palestinian arena should go back to their people and countrymen and stop this mockery called the 'negotiations' and they will find us helping them, after the help of God."

Complete understanding with Islamic Jihad

Addressing the resistance factions, Al-Zahhar said: "To our beloved Palestinian resistance factions: You and we have struggled with honour and managed to remain clean. We have directed our efforts towards Palestine. We will not let you down. We are with you and will continue to be so until we raise the flag of Palestine on every inch. We have never been so close to you as we are now."

He pointed out that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad "have full understanding. Hamas also has full understanding with all the resistance factions. As for those who wanted to be on the side of the Oslo team, we have no place for them in our midst. We will fulfil our pledges to the martyrs and we will not change."

In conclusion, Al-Zahhar presented his congratulations to the inhabitants of Khan Yunis who insisted on taking part in the joyful occasion of the weddings. He also congratulated the grooms and said: "May your weddings be blessed, you heroes and respectable ladies. Congratulations on these weddings."

By: Abdi Guled


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